Stomorska village harbor, a magnet for sailors!

Solta, “the island of olives, honey and wine” is a wonderful refuge for those who want to soak up the sun and sea surrounded by unspoiled nature instead of people. Solta is known for its numerous beautiful bays, natural environment, rocky coastline and charming rustic villages. Just 45 minutes from Split by ferry, Solta has only a handful of villages–Grohote, in the center of the island, Maslinica, a fishing village; Rogac, the main ferry port, Necujam, a family tourist favorite and Stomorska, a fishing village. But with its 24 bays Solta is the first port of call for a growing number of yachts and charter boats; while its pristine nature, spectacular rocky beaches and rugged terrain draw legions of nature lovers from all over the world. The island has been inhabited since Illyric times and the Emperor Diocletian, who built his walled retirement “palace” in Split, had a summer home here, complete with a fish farm whose foundations can still be seen in the shallow, crystal clear waters. All over the island there are ancient pre-historic digs, sarcophagi and Roman mosaics as well as early Christian dwellings. In Grohote and close to the tiny hamlet of Donje selo, the remains of paleo-Christian basilics were found. St. Michael’s church between Grohote and Gornje selo still has Gothic frescos from the XIV century. Although there are far less olive trees than there were centuries ago, the island is still considered by many to produce Croatia’s finest oil and some spectacular rosemary honey. And while you are here, be sure to ask for some Dobricic wine, one of the ancient ancestors of the famous Zinfandel grape, and only grown here.


Tourist Offices
–tiny one person offices are in Rogač, Maslinica, Nečujam and Stomorska,

just look for the blue T sign

Our unique tour program

“Discover the island of olives, honey and wine” tour

–let’s you enjoy a day on the island, tasting, swimming, experiencing…ferry tickets included!

Our favorite links

–terrific, town by town descriptions, accommodation, and more

–gorgeous website of the island’s premiere olive oil maker, Olynthia Natura.

–visit a real working honey farm, even make your own




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