Brijuni Islands

The fourteen lush small islands that make up Brijuni, now part of Croatia’s National Park system, have been a retreat for the rich and famous for more than 100 years. In addition to their physical beauty, the islands have a fascinating history. It’s possible to see everything from dinosaur tracks and 3000 BC artifacts to some pretty fabulous Roman villas, Goth, Byzantine, Carolingian and even Venetian remains. But it wasn’t until the 19th century when Austrian steel magnate Paul Kupelwieser bought the entire archipelago for a reported 75,000 gold florins that Brijuni became the retreat for the elite. His dream was to turn the place into a lush, manicured English country paradise. And he succeeded, restoring many of the islands villas and archeological treasures and even building an 18 hole golf course. When the Yugoslav government made the islands an official state residence, Marshall Tito met world leaders here six months out of the year. It wasn’t long until other royalty like Sophia Loren, Richard Burton, etc. showed up. Now you too can come and enjoy the great flora and fauna and history, just a short ferry trip from Fazana, not far from Pula. Only Veliki and Mali Brijuni are open to visitors, and you must arrive via organized tours—usually half day affairs–unless you are staying at one of Brijuni’s luxury hotels, villas or campsites. For some weird reason, no bicycles are allowed on Brijuni, instead they have electric carts and train-like open air carriages to take you around.

Tourist Office

Brijuni National Park Tourist Office

Tel: +385 52 525 888
Fax: +385 52 521 367

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