peninsula Bol on Island Brac Croatia

Amazing Bol Beach, one of Croatia’s top 10, changes its tongue-like shape daily with the tides!

The island of Brac is so close to Split you think you could swim it, but in fact it takes almost an hour by ferry to Supetar, the island’s main ferry port.  Brac is quite impressive when seen from the sea, with a slew of 500 meter plus hills than wind across  its center.  Sprouted around the coastal flats are small villages whose lights can be easily seen from Split at night.  In the hills and valleys of central Brac, it’s another world with ancient hamlets and traditional stone houses, olive groves and vineyards that circle the island.  With all of its swooping hills, Brac is a terrific place to rent a scooter (if there are two of you on a typical 50cc bike, the hills are tough, so lean forward or rent a 125cc!). There’s even a one runway airport for private planes and maybe one day, charter flights from Europe?  

The big lure on Brac is its  famous Zlatni Rat Bol beach, a rather amazing tounge-shaped beach that changes its shape with the tides! It’s one of the most photographed beaches in the world—nude swimming on one end, with lots of yachts moored off shore and plenty of trees to find some shade. The water is luscious. Less frequent catamarans and ferries go directly to Bol and from the charming town it’s just a 15 minute walk to the famous beach.  The highest point of Brac is Vidova Gora, at 778 meters it offers a magnificent panoramic view of the famous beach, Hvar and adjacent islands, Mount Biokovo on the mainland and on a very clear day Monte Gargano way off on the Italian coast. With frequent ferry service and in season, daily speedboat trips that give you the whole day there,  Brac island is a must see and do experience!


Tourist Offices


Porat 1

21400 Supetar, Brac

Tel / Fax ++ 385 21 630 551
web: http:/


Address: Trg S. Radica 5
21425 Selca, Brac

Tel. +385 (0)21 648 209
Fax: +385 (0)21 648 209


Address: Milna bb
21405 Milna, Brac
Tel.+385 (0)21 636 233
Fax: +385 (0)21 636 505

Our favorite links


–this is the Supetar tourist board site; lots of good info.

Supetar is where most of the ferries come in from Split and the

natural jumping off point where you can rent scooters,

buy food for a picnic lunch, etc..

–Bol is the oldest town on Brac and this excellent site

even has a web cam feature and covers not only the town

but the whole island.

–tiny Selca has its own tourist bureau!

The town’s pride and joy is a monument to the great

Russian writer Lev Tolstoy—the first one in the world,

erected in 1911!

–the other main ferry point, Milna is a quiet town nestled

in a ravine on the other side of the island from Supetar.

Considering the town’s size, the website is very wow!

And packed with information.


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