The islands of Ugljan and Pašman are considered the twin pearls of the Zadar archipelago, an island necklace around the Pasman Channel, just a few miles off the coastal towns of Zadar and Biograd.  The changing currents through the narrow channels make this area one of the cleanest in the Adriatic.  The result isn’t just gorgeous water but a paradise for scuba lovers and beach worshipers. Ugljan, known as the green island, is only 50, but with 7,500 residents, it’s one of the most densely populated Croatian islands. Although rocky, Ugljan is thick with bushes, pine trees, vineyards and olive groves. There are lots of walking paths and even dedicated cycling routes. And the island has plenty of interesting Roman, Middle Ages, Venetian and 19th century remains—for some great views, don’t miss the 13th century St. Michael’s fort. A bridge connects Ugljan to its twin sister island of Pasman, which is far more bucolic, with wild groves of pines, picturesque vineyards, olive-groves and orchards and dense evergreens.  Pasman has excellent pebble and sandy beaches, including Mrljane, best known for its sandy beach and its small swamp with healing mud. Both islands have terrific restaurants with wonderful fish and excellent local specialties and make a great easy, island getaway from the coast. And Kornati National Park is just a hop away. Ferries run from either Biograd or Zadar. The one from Biograd takes you to Tkon, an ancient settlement on Pasman. To get to Ugljan, the ferry from Zadar goes to Preko. And to help you enjoy both Ugljan and Pasman islands, there are lots of buses between Preko and Tkon.



Tourist Office in Zadar

 Address: Sv. Leopolda B. Mandica 1

23000 Zadar
Tel: +385 (0)23 315 316
Fax: +385 (0)23 315 316



on Ugljan  

Ugljan Tourist Board

23275 Ugljan

Tel.: +385 23 288 011

Fax. ++385 23 288 011

GSM. ++385 91 518 00 86




on Pasman

Turistička zajednica općine

Pašman 23262 b.b.

Tel/Fax. +385(0)23 260 155



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–not to be outdone, Pasman’s site is also great

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