Beautiful Ilok Monastery

Ilok is the heart of Croatian “country tourism” and one of its most celebrated wine growing regions. The tiny town has a lot going for it. It’s Croatia’s easternmost town, perched on a hill overlooking the Danube River, which forms the border with the Vojvodina region of Serbia and Hungary. The town is home to a well-preserved 18th C Franciscan monastery with a fascinating treasury and the 13th C Ilok castle making it a popular day trip for Croatians as well as foreign tourists. And then there’s its sublime wine. Viniculture has been part of the region for literally thousands of years. In 280AD the Roman Emperor Probus ordered that vineyards of special varieties be planted and at the same time, erected the first fortifications here. After centuries of Roman rule, the area was conquered by the Turks who held on to the late Middle Ages when they were ousted and the victors gave the Italian family Odeschalchi the town as a reward for their support. It was the Odeshalchi’s who commercialized wine growing in Ilok and were among the first in Europe as well. Locals proudly boast that wines from Ilok have been at the English Court since the 19th C and were served at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The Old Cellar from Ilok, which is unique in its architectural and technological features, is one of the rare cellars of its kind in Europe. It produces Welsh Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Rhone Riesling and Traminer. Come, see, drink, enjoy Ilok!


Tourist office

 TZ Grada Iloka

TRG Nikole Ilockog 2

Tel. +385 32 590-020

FAX +385-32-966



 –just a wonderful town site, tons of info

Our favorite links

–a gorgeous Croatian site from the town’s premiere winery, with an English video

–the nearest city to Ilok is Vukovar, badly damaged during the 1991 War,

a lot of effort is being made to re-invigorate tourism here and and this site proudly showcases the area’s many treasures. In Croatian, but lots of photos and info, so use a translator and muddle through!

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–a very complete site of the city of Vinkovici and the surrounding area. The tourist board is very cleverly promoting the whole idea of “country tourism” here, which is a terrific idea for those who enjoy the rustic, less-traveled road!


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