Gospic, cool in the summer, turns into a wonderland in winter

Gospic is the main town of the central part of mountainous Lika-Senj county near the Novcica River. It’s where a lot of locals go in the summer to escape the heat and in the winter to enjoy some great skiing. Gospic is also the jumping off point to the Velebit National Park and the Plitvice Lakes National Park. In town there’s some interesting cemeteries and churches dating back to the 1600’s and a town museum interesting archaeological finds (Iapodian culture and Roman coins are worthwhile). The town is also known as the birthplace of the iconic inventor-genius Nikola Tesla who proved Thomas Edison wrong by showing the world that alternating current (AC) was far superior to Edison’s direct current (DC).  Known as the “father of physics”, Tesla has been described as the most important scientist and inventor of the modern age. A collection from his birth house is part of the museum. If you’re into taking the trains instead of the bus, Gospic is right on the Zagreb-Split rail route.


Tourist Offices

Budacka 12
53000 Gospić
Phone: +385 (0)53 560 752
+385 (0)53 560 753
E-mail:   t.z.gospica@gs.t-com.hr

Website:  http://www.tz-gospic.hr/

County tourist board: Lika-Senj

Budacka 12
53000 Gospić
Phone: +385 (0)53 574 687
E mail: tzz-licko-senjska@gs.t-c0m.hr

Website : http://www.lickosenjska.com/


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