Peljesac Peninsula–highlighting Ston, Orebic and Trpanj

Croatia’s second largest peninsula is Peljesac, only a 90 minutes drive from Dubrovnik and worth it if it took a week.  If you are on Korcula Island, it’s only a 20 minute ferry to Orebic from Korcula Old Town. Peljesac is all the best parts of Croatia put together—the stone walls and dreamy hilltop villages; glorious vineyards and groves that roll down to the Adriatic, hidden beaches, vast tracts of wild nature, charming seaside towns and fabulous history including what was at one time (in the 15th and 16th centuries)

the largest and longest defensive system of wall fortifications in Europe, stretching from one side of the peninsula to the other and still here today to admire in Ston.

Other highlights include the historical sea-faring village of Orebic at the foot of Sveti Ilija Mountain, bustling with cafés and shops;  Ston, with all those amazing walls and what many including us, feel are the best oysters in the world (and yes, I have had them in France as well as Chesapeake Bay!)  and Trpanj, another lovely seaside town. While you are here, be sure to enjoy Peljesac’s sumptuous Dingač and Postup wines, made from Plavac Mali grapes, an ancestor of Zinfandel.  Bring home a case of each to remember Peljesac all year long!

Tourist Offices

Trpanj Tourist Board

Tel: +385.20.743.433

Fax: +385.20.743.920



Orebic Tourist Board

Trg Mimbeli bb,

20250 0rebić
MB 1027280
Tel: +385 (0)20 713 718
FAX: +385 (0) 20 714 001


Ston Tourist Board

Peljeski put1

Ston 20230

Tel:. +385-20 754

FAX: +385 20 452



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