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Osijek, located on the banks of the Drava River, is just 25km upstream from the Danube. It’s the fourth largest city in Croatia and the largest Slavonian city in Eastern Croatia. Osijek is divided into two main regions – the upper town, with its imposing city square, Trg Ante Starcevica), and Tvrđava, the preserved fortress town to the east of the town centre along the Drava River. The city’s history dates back to 1200. The Ottomans sacked it in 1526 and then the Hapsburg’s came to the rescue in 1687. Until the 18th century the city’s upper and lower towns were separate municipalities. The main attractions here are Osijek’s well-preserved Baroque ambience, open spaces and dedication to preserving regional cultural traditions. In addition city’s the main square and fort, the promenade along the Drava and a pretty pedestrian suspension bridge toward Baranja are noteworthy. Osijek has some lovely parks and even zoological gardens, along the Drava River. Summer is filled with festivals—the most eagerly awaited is the Croatian Tambura Festival in May, (a tambura is a long necked lute), which attracts tambura orchestras from all over. And Osijek’s Summer Nights Festival, June-August, gives you lots of opportunities to sample the great local cuisine, crafts and other culture. In season you can fly directly to Osijek from Split or Dubriovnik and the cost is reasonable. Or take a the over hill and dale train from Zagreb. For those looking to discover this very authentic part of Croatia and the country towns even further east like Otok and Ilok (amazing wine!), after a week or so on the beach in Dalmatia, Osijek is a marvelous step back into Old Europe.


Tourist Office

Setaliste Kardinala Franje Sepera 1d/2
31000 Osijek
Tel: +385 31 21 48 52
Email : infor@tzosbarzup.hr
Website:  http://www.tzosbarzup.hr/en/

–the county website, with lots of information

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