Euphrasian Basilica, Porec, Istria, Croatia photo

Porec, Croatia’s northern gateway to Venice (via daily ferries that get you there in just a couple of hours), gets a surprising number of tourists because of its extraordinary 6th century Byzantine Euphasian Basilica and Bishops Palace. In 1997 it was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO that described the group of religious monuments and its fascinating floor mosaics “…as the most complete surviving complex of its type. The basilica, atrium, baptistery and Episcopal palace are outstanding examples of religious architecture, while the basilica itself combines classical and Byzantine elements in an exceptional manner…” Porec’s old town is also remarkably well-preserved, with remains of Roman temples and a classic main thoroughfare (in Latin, called Decaumanus) which draws throngs. The harbor is interesting too, with a Venetian town wall. And Porec boasts more Blue Flag beaches than anywhere in Croatia, more than 20! A short walk south of town there are plenty of rocky and pebbly beaches, hotels and restaurants and you can even take a short ferry to Sv.Nikola to take a more secluded dip. More active attractions include horseback riding, cycling and even spelunking at the amazing Baredine Caves. Porec, together with Rovinj and Umag make a marvelous trio of coastal Istrian sightseeing that can be easily enjoyed over a weekend.

Tourist Office

TZ Poreč

Zagrebačka 9

52440 Poreč

Tel.. +385 (0)52 451293

+385 (0)52 451458

FAX. +385 (0)52 451665

Email: info@istria-porec.com 

Website: http://www.to-porec.com/

–wonderful, complete, clear official town site!


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