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Discover Split coverWhen Natasha and I came to live in Croatia five years ago, there were no free  English language tourist newspapers here. So working with the local tourist board in Split, we decided to create one. The first one was actually a map of the Palace, the first large format map ever created with just the Palace and all of the streets, shops and major historical sites inside. It was greeted with such enthusiasm that we were encouraged to expand it into a real newspaper. Over the years it has grown to 16 pages and is now the largest circulation, English language annual newspaper for tourists in the entire country! It comes out once a year in June and is distributed from the airport in Kastela to Podstrana, a few miles outside of Split.
Oh yes, it’s FREE!

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Discover Hvar NewspaperWith the success of DiscoverSplit, we decided to do a version for Hvar, often described as one of the top 10 island destinations on the planet. Just an hour away by catamaran, Hvar is a gorgeous island with a rich history. Our newspaper is distributed to people who take the ferry and/or catamaran as well as on the island.

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Discover Korcula NewspaperIn 2013 we added DiscoverKorcula! to our roster. We love this island for its laid back charm and amazing history. There are 5 separate tourist offices on the island and each one of them was incredibly supportive in helping us create the issue. Just 8 pages, we hope that in future years it will grow!

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