Welcome to Sightseeing Croatia–and the Travel Guide to Split and Dalmatia Glorious Ancient History and Culture Fabulous Swimming, Sailing, Islands

Welcome to Sightseeing Croatia–and the Travel Guide to Split and Dalmatia

Welcome to Sightseeing Croatia--and the Travel Guide to Split and Dalmatia

Welcome to Croatia! We’re one of the few countries open to Americans and others because of our strict Covid policies, but do check for the latest requirements! This year, Croatia is more beautiful than ever, because less tourism means more time and space to enjoy our rich culture, history and cuisine. Be sure to see our English language newspapers and guides to read more about Croatia. They are all approved by the local tourist boards we work with. To see all of them just go to wwww.splitrestaurantguide.com. www.discoversplit.com and www.splitdalmatiatravelguide.com

Here is our new, free Travel Guide to Split/Central Dalmatia

DiscoverSplit’s free Travel Guide to Split/Central Dalmatia


We’re an American/Russian couple that live in Croatia and work in Split. Sightseeing Croatia, Discover newspapers and our Split Guides are our way of sharing this wonderful country with you…so if you are looking for authentic information about Croatia tours, Croatian food, Croatian islands, Croatian national parks, cities and towns as well as the most important Croatian villages–this site is for you!

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Croatia is finally getting the recognition it deserves as a marvelous country to discover. The fact is that for thousands of years Croatia has lured royalty and ragamuffins alike because of its spectacular 5,800 mile Adriatic coastline, amazing natural beauty, subtle Mediterranean ambiance, wonderful sailing, food and wine….and a history and culture that is endlessly fascinating and intensely celebrated.

We publish DiscoverSplit and  other English language newspapers for tourists and they are free!

We publish DiscoverSplit and other English language newspapers for tourists and they are all free!

If you come through Zagreb, the country’s capital and largest city with just over a million people, you’ll experience a superb walking city with Baroque charm. Head inland and you can go all the way to the Danube through gorgeous rural countryside and some of the best wine growing areas in Europe. Running like a spine down its coastline, the Dinaric Mountains define Croatia in spirit as well as geography. On one side the glorious sea and islands, fabled cities like Dubrovnik, Zadar, Split and Salona, the 3rdC capital of the Roman empire in Dalmatia teeming with 60,0000 people, today, a mostly un-excavated historic site. On the other side of the mountains, a quieter way of life that has endured for centuries here; ancient fortresses perched on rocky outcroppings; picturesque villages, endless valleys and Croatia’s most spectacular natural wonder, Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of almost a dozen UNESCO World Heritage sites here.

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All the way up the coast, just two hours from Venice, is the Istrian peninsula, “the new Tuscany”.. Everything from truffle hunting and dreamy medieval hamlets to the faded elegance of Austrian royalty in coastal cities like Opatija.. The offshore islands here are wondrous. Wind your way south from the Venetian walled city of Zadar, through seaside towns that dot the coast on your way down to Split, you’ll see, feel and taste why Dalmatia is so spectacular.

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Welcome to Croatia!

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