Skradin, Croatia


Skradin, with less than 4,000 lucky inhabitants, is magical, nestled beneath the beautiful waterfalls at the mouth of the Krka River where it meets the sea. For more than 6,000 years it has entranced all who love the sea, beauty, music, nature and glorious wine and food! From traditional folk klapa singing that touches your heart to the roaring waterfalls of the Skradinski Buk, Skradin is a marvelous find. And so is their wine–more than 75 years ago a local vintage here won the grand prix award in Toulouse, France and was declared one of the six best wines in the world!). Complimenting their outstanding viniculture are numerous authentic and original dishes. The countryside here is dotted with vineyards, each vine sitting in its own patch of fertile earth within a framework of stone walls covering the surrounding hills. Skradin is lovely.


Tourist office

Trg Male Gospe 3
Tel: ++385(0)22 771-329
Fax: ++385(0)22 771-336

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–all town websites should be so fabulous! Here’s a taste:

“… branching off from the main road of the town of Bribir, is a winding path leading towards the 300 meter high hill and Bribirska Glavica, Croatian City of Troy. The ancient Liburnian settlement, the Roman municipium Varvaria, the mythical Bribir under the powerful Croatian feudal ruler ban Pavao Šubić of Bribir – all these civilizations are represented here. Stroll around and discover the ancient sarcophagi, reservoirs and “ceramic coolers”, the 2 meter thick walls from the times of Liburnia and Antiquity, remnants of sacral buildings, the rich collection of exhibit items dating from the prehistoric to the late medieval period. From the top of Bribirska Glavica unfolds a fantastic panoramic view of the Dinara mountain range and the Adriatic islands, all the way to the distant island of Vis.”


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