Omis is a jewel of a town in a spectacular setting. Unfolding along the wonderful Makarska Riviera coastline, it’s framed by the Cetina River and its magnificent canyon on one side, rocky mountainous massifs above and the shining Adriatic at its footsteps.  Because the Cetina narrows so severely as it rushes towards the sea, Omis has the best river rafting in Dalmatia as well as terrific free climbing in the canyon.  The town beach is also excellent. If that’s not enough, the town itself is a gem. Unlike the winding streets of many Croatian villages both on and off the coast, the main street of Omis is a splendid palm tree lined promenade that parallels the sea—just beautiful!.  And just behind this lovely street is an Old Town with a steep stone staircase up to the heights offering a spectacular view of the town and sea.

During Venetian times, Omis was famous for its pirates. And it doesn’t take much imagination to see what a fabulous lookout these massifs provided.  The Omis pirates were so successful in picking off rich Venetian vessels that it was the only Dalmatian town to actually receive tribute from Venice simply to leave their boats alone!  Every summer a re-enactment of the days of these pirates is held with cannons blazing and ships being stormed….a great event!

Like its neighbors down the coast, Brela and Baska Voda, Omis offers a terrific variety of sea, sun and nature but its easy ambiance makes it distinctive. For a quick off-the-beaten path adventure, take the road immediately to your left as you cross the town bridge over the Cetina and you’re in deep canyons and switchback roads that eventually bring you high up into the interior towns with names like Slime (pronounced “slee-may”) full of charm and folks selling home-made hooch and more in front of their houses.

And if you don’t have a car, it’s close enough to Split to have a direct bus that runs twice an hour.  Because it is popular with day tripping rafters, free climbers and beach-goers, the town can get crowded in the summer because it is also the home port for many day boats (gulets) and charters.  Just take your time–you can always find your piece of beach and privacy in Omis and be constantly pleased with having found such a delightful place.

Tourist Office
Address: Trg kneza Miroslava bb
21310 Omiš
Tel: +385 (0)21 861 350
Fax: +385 (0)21 861 350


Our favorite links
–the town’s very excellent website, complete with lots of great photos

–wonderful 1 week or longer gulet and charter trips from Omis and nearby towns with personal service and excellent off-boat excursions.

–a rafting agency that has really great guides and can even pick you up and bring you back from Split.

+385 91 572 25 88

+385 21 861 985


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