Knin is a highlands town in Sibenik-Knin county near the source of the Krka River and a hop, skip and jump to Krka National Park. Because of its wonderful hiking, fishing and nature and as one of Croatia’s most important archeologicial sites—the Knin Fortress, which was begun in the 9th century—Knin is becoming a popular year-round destination. The fort, one of the largest in Dalmatia, offers incredible views from its ramparts over the town and surrounding rolling countryside. Despite its small size, its strategic highland location and its imposing the fort convinced King Dmitar Zvonomir to make it made Knin the new capital of the Kingdom of Croatia around 1080. Over time, the city became celebrated the “City of Croatian Kings”.  During the Yugoslav War, Knin again was declared a capital, this time by rebel Serbs who used it as main staging area. When the war ended, the date of Knin’s return to Croatian hands, August 5, is celebrated as a Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day.

Tourist Board

Address: Dr. Franje Tudmana 24
22300 Knin
Phone: +385 (0)22 664 819
Fax: +385 (0)22 664 822



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County tourist board: Sibenik-Knin

Address: Fra Nikole Ruzica bb
22000 Šibenik
Phone: +385 (0)22 219 072
Fax: +385 (0)22 212 346


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