Opatija, just a half hour from Rijeka, is located on Kvarner Bay and is often called the Nice of the Adriatic. It’s been one of the most “fashionable” tourist destination on the eastern coast of the Adriatic for more than 150 years. Wealthy Italians and Austrians flocked here after elite hotels and lush parks, villas and summer houses were built in the middle of the 19th century. Later the town became even more splendid when the 12km long Lungomare coastal promenade was built that allowed people to stroll along the sea without worrying about horses and buggies (or cars today) from Opatija all the way to Ilka and Lovran. The promenade was such a success that city fathers built an even longer mountain path from Opatija to Veprinac and farther to Mt. Ucka. Everyone from Emperor Franz Josef to Anton Chekhov, Gustav Mahler and Isadora Duncan and James Joyce enjoyed summers here and the city has erected memorials to them and many others. Most of this old world opulence is still here and it lures over 250,000 people here from all over the world—rather amazing for a city with less than 12,000 people. It has become a great place for conferences since it’s easy to fly in from most of Europe to Rijeka or Pula. Although not as elegant as it was during its heyday, you don’t need a badge or a silk parasol to enjoy Opatija—just a Speedo to enjoy the beach, and a good pair of walking shoes to experience some wonderful nature and listen to the sea or the birds in traffic-free bliss.


Tourist Office

V. Nazora 3
51410 Opatija
Tel.:: +385 (0)51 271 710
Fax: +385 (0)51 271 699
+385 (0)51 712 290
E-mail: info@opatija-tourism.hr
Website: http://www.opatija-tourism.hr/

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