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Crikvenica, just 45 minutes from Rijeka, has been a celebrated vacation and wellness resort for royalty and common folk for more than 120 years. Many of the luxurious hotels built at the beginning of the 20th century – Nadvojvotkinja Clotilde in 1891, Nadvojvoda Josip in 1895 (renamed into Hotel Therapia in 1899), and Hotel Miramare, built in 1905 (it is currently in the process of renovation) are still flourishing. There are lots of sandy and gravel beaches,walking trails, bicycle paths and nature to enjoy. An added bonus is the island of Krk is only minutes away by speedboat (it’s also where the airport that serves this region is located). Like so many small towns in this region (the population here is around 12,000), Crikvenica’s historical significance is large. It was listed on a 3rd century Roman road map as Ad Turres, a town on the main road leading from ancient Aquileia to Salona near Split.  Remains of Roman villas from the first century BC have been found here and the region was famed for making unique amphorae. But what the town is most famous for is its spectacular, well-preserved skeletons of extinct animals (elephant, cave lion, rhinoceros, bear and many other species) found in Vrtare Male Cave—some more than 30,000 years old! They are all in the Town Museum of Crikvenica, which opened in 2009.

Tourist Office

Trg Stjepana Radica 1c

Crikvenica, Croatia 51260

Tel. 385 (0)51 241 051

Fax: +385 (0)51 241 867.



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