The picture-perfect village of Cavtat, Croatia’s southernmost town, a short drive from the Konavle plains and Montenegro. In ancient Greek times Cavtat was known as the town of Epidaurus. When the Romans came in 228 BC, it became a Roman colony. It’s easy to see why the Greeks and Romans were so charmed by this lovely place. It’s naturally protected by a rocky headland that still has remnants of an old fort. Perched at the very southern tip of the Croatian Adriatic, Cavtat is just 30 minutes away by launch from Dubrovnik. And if you fly into Dubrovnik’s one runway airport, it’s even closer. We were off the plane, got our bags and on the beach in less than an hour-wow! The town itself is a delight – there is a small “Old Town” with cobbled streets and alleys that meet the palm tree lined promenade that winds its way around the harbor. Cavtat also has some wonderful swimming. Do like the locals and take one of the many pathways jutting out from the harbor, claim one of the many warm sunny flat rocks and when you’ve had enough sun, jump into your own private pool of deliciously clear, turquoise water. At night the whole waterfront turns into an open air restaurant; the only difference between each eatery is the color of the chairs. Cavtat is a great place to rent an apartment to enjoy Dubrovnik and the area without the crowds.

Tourist office

Tiha 3
20210 Cavtat
Tel.+385 (0)20 478 025
Fax: +385 (0)20 478 025


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Tourist site
-good solid info, how to get there, history and culture


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